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[ANN][CROWDSALE] EthLyte.Tech Cashless and High-Ticket Transaction & Asset Management Token

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????EthLyte Token Pre-Sale & Details ????

Here's a new cryptocurrency that I not only endorse, I'm putting extra effort into seeing it succeed. Yes, I have a financial interest in it, like so many other projects I invest in or contribute to in some other way.

The Context:
2 Billion people do not have access to traditional banks or financial institutions and accounts. And yet they have transactions to conduct.

The Solution:
Cashless payments are the future, and supporters and investors in solutions like Ethlyte stand to benefit immensely.

Platform Overview

EthLyte (Call-Sign: ETLYTE) is a community-driven project that has the potential to revolutionize the exchange and cashless industries – especially online and offline payment segments. With its State-of-the-Art business model and created with Ethereum’s superior blockchain technology, anyone in possession of ETLYTE tokens has bought for him or herself an endless opportunity for the near future that will guarantee an excellent return on investment (ROI).

EthLyte is built to offer Escrow services (deferred payment programs), state of the art Gift Cards for friends, family, business partners crypto traders or elite investors, and exclusive Debit Cards with top security features and insurance services
Important Links:
ICO / Token Sale Landing Page
YouTube Channel

Etlyte Product Video:

Token Trailer: Call-Sign: ETLYTE

Etlyte card payments are to be made in online and retail shops with very low transaction fees and state of the art security (blockchain technology), unlike other credit cards.

Black Debit Card
Exclusive to elites in the crypto space, this card will have state of the art security services. It will, however, take more than money to slip the etlyte black card in your wallet-you have to be invited.

Gold Debit Card
This highly functional debit card has top security features plus insurance services and opens to all members.

Black Gift Card
Exclusive for gifts to elite members of the society and elite crypto investors.

Gold Gift Card
Gift card for friends, family members or business partners.

Extra Facts
EtLyte targets a niche segment of elites in the crypto space in need of a special payment system where they can convert their cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH ) to fiat,- cheaper with state of the art insurance and security at lower costs than traditional cards. Our low supply and deflationary token nature shows that we are not like any other tokens that create millions of tokens to cash out. Our aim is that small niche customer segment that want something special for themselves alone (call it the Porsche of the crypto cards).

Q3 2018
Phase 1: Q3
Website design/optimization, Bounty programs, crowd sale and competitions.

Phase 2
Mid-End of Q3
Phase2: Q3
Strategic Marketing, completion of bounty programs, crowd sale and competitions. Listing on an exchange.

Phase 3
Q3-Q4 2018
Phase3: Q3-Q4
Etlyte wallet Apps, deferred payment programs (Escrow) and listing on more exchanges.

Phase 4
Q4 2018
Phase4: Q4
Use of Etlyte card as gift cards

Phase 5
Q1 2019
Phase 5:Q1
Partnership programs with a major card provider-including terminal providers

Phase 6
Q2-Q3 2019
Phase 6: Q2-Q3
Partnerships with online merchants, restaurants and shops (note: this relates to our Project Troy).

Phase 7
Q2-Q4 2019
Phase 7: Q2
Project Troy: Project Troy is a long-term vision of the EthLyte team, scheduled for release in Q2 2019 –Q4 2019. Project Troy will:

i. Embody the principles of its historical namesake city in the form of a decentralized marketplace of cryptocurrencies, goods and services.

ii. Make Etlyte a self-sufficient currency which has its own secure, decentralized ecosystem and ensures both demand and velocity of Etlyte as a currency.

iii. Enable Etlyte Card payments in online and retail shops with very low transaction fees and state of the art security (blockchain technology), unlike other credit cards.

iv. Ability to withdraw fiat currencies (instant conversion of major cryptocurrencies to fiat) via a partner bank terminal: Convert and spend your virtual currencies in real life with VERY LOW SPENDING AND EXCHANGE FEES.

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