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[Sticky] Read This First! Welcome to the Crypto Marketing Main Forum!

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Crypto Marketing Main Forum

This is the Main Crypto Marketing Forum.
This forum allows you to participate in and post new comments, topics, etc. in discussions, posts, updates, news, memes, videos, photos, illustrations, and other content related to marketing cryptocurrency of all kinds and at all stages of their life cycle. Coins, Tokens, ICO, TAO, DAO, ITO, Airdrop, Bounty, Referral, Reward, Whitepapers, Roadmaps, Team Info, Recruiting, Affiliates, News, Announcements, Updates, and everything else related to marketing crypto, is welcome!
As it would be silly to make 100 empty Categories, all content is in this one Category for now.
The posts will be divided into more categories and subcategories, as the discussion grows. So if you want to put your content into a future category, be sure to use Tags, as we'll use those as part of the process to create more Categories.
Of course, be nice and follow the rules! We're reasonable. Post whatever you want as long as it's high quality. We're all here to have high quality discussions or to share high quality information about something we care passionately about: cryptocurrency marketing
If you post junk or bad things or anything against any law we're subject to, we'll remove it and deal with it accordingly. Violators will have their access flagged, warned, suspended or banned, without notice. You Have Been Warned!
Now get on with your reading, writing and other postings! The Crypto Marketing community awaits your next contribution!
Thanks again for joining.
Founder, Crypto Marketing Forum
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