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UNOS Finance Defi Crypto Farming is Live!

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UNOS Farming is Live:

💎Key Details about UNOS finance💎

UNOS is a DeFi platform offering a wide range of financial options including borrowing and decentralized lending. This therefore allows UNOS to be a sustainable farming platform.

UNOS Finance has several applications:

Staking: Block your UNOS to earn interest on it.

Farming: Earn UNOS by bringing liquidity to the ecosystem.

Lending and borrowing: UNOS enables users to make loans and borrow quickly and in a decentralized way.

Staking :

✅ Farming :

✅ Listed on VinDAX exchange.

Token Ticker : $UNOS

Circulating supply : 77700 UNOS

Max supply : 210k UNOS

UNOS Finance is legally registered entity in Wyoming.

Audit reports are published on the UNOS website.


Telegram : @unoswapfin Announcement Channel : @unoswapfinance

Contract : 0xd18A8abED9274eDBEace4B12D86A8633283435Da

Buy, Sell, Trade UNOS on Uniswap :

Buy, Sell, Trade UNOS on VinDAX Exchange :

Dextools :

CoinGecko :


Liquidity locked :

UNOS whose site is at is leading the way for a new kind of DeFi cryptocurrency utility token. By unifying staking, lending, borrowing, farming, governance and more, UNOS allows liquidity providers, borrowers and other contract holders to participate in a leading edge technology, built on Ethereum's ERC-20 blockchain, all while holding their own assets in non-custodial wallets and solutions of their own choice.

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