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Who is Yasha  Harari?portrait photo of yasha harari

He is a marketing professional.

Yasha's marketing work has helped grow companies from ideas to the largest in their field, and has helped existing firms grow revenues from millions to hundred of millions of dollars.

His pioneering internet public policy work and achievements set in place in the 1990s remain largely in place and better than ever. These policies, affecting everything from internet taxation, to the accountable safeguarding and management of domain names, has positively impacted digital marketing and ecommerce, to the tune of trillions of dollars a year, if not more.  In fact, Yasha's work related to online marketing and public policy has even impacted your experience online, even if you were not aware of it.

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Yasha Harari has authored books, co-authored books and chapters varying from privacy and ethics to financial market trading, current affairs, B2B and B2C ecommerce, SaaS, entertainment and marketing on the Internet.

Mr. Harari has delivered testimony before the United States Senate’s Judiciary Committee, as well as advised the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (back before the US Government understood that the Internet was ‘vital’ to the global infrastructure).

His most public forecasts and analysis have largely proven, with time, to be accurate.

Yasha Harari has been covered in major media including The New York Times, CBS 60 Minutes, NPR, KQED (San Francisco Public Radio), BBC News, Ha'Aretz, Washington Business Journal, c|net, eComWatch, USA Today, etc.

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