Startup SEO Guide (Months 1 – 6)

1-Page SEO Plan


Monthly SEO Plan – Months 1 – 6 (Overview)


Your new business requires solid SEO. So how do you go about it?

Here, for your benefit, is a handy 6 month plan you can use to guide you through the most crucial time of your SEO plan: The startup phase. Whether you’re a one-man band or you work in an enterprise-sized business, your new project that requires SEO should be built and run in a well-planned way that gives you the best results. Following this SEO plan is an easy way to get it done.


Month 1

The first month is focused on research, discovery and technical SEO work to be implemented on your website


This involves conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of your website, devising a keyword strategy and planning its implementation strategy.


If this process can be completed promptly, technical optimization changes can be made to your website in the first month itself. In some scenarios, the research and discovery phase can take more than a month to completed.


The technical SEO implementations onSite include making the alterations suggested by the SEO audit that was conducted previously. The SEO recommendations may be light or might be to completely revamp your website’s SEO configuration.


Other activities like improving the link profile of your website and content creation will be carried outside by side even as major surgery is being done to your website.


Yes, even as the site is being altered completely, you are doing SEO for your site even if it does not feel like it. Also, you are not likely to observe results for this SEO that is being done to your website, as it takes time for all the changes to be implemented, crawled, ranked and indexed. The results can be observed only after all the changes have been implemented.


Month 2

This month is about content design & creation, plus programmatic designs


If it has not yet begun, now the focus will be on the sort of content that needs to be created for your website such as FAQs, blogs, articles, product descriptions and company information, etc.


Content creation is a process that normally begins just after the planning phase is completed and the SEO strategy is formulated. Of course, budgets may affect the proceedings. Therefore the technical overhaul of the website is the top priority before any new content is added.


In addition, designing the desired programmatic elements starts in this month and should take not more than 2 months to finish designing. If the design is finished quickly then any developmental resources that may be necessary (ie: software, copywriting, graphics) resources should be scheduled, so that it can happen in due course. 


All the same, you should see some clear improvements in terms of your SERP rankings by this month. If the improved SEO is leading to conversions or sales, even better. Just don’t expect it to happen so soon.

Month 3

The third month is about more content creation, technical SEO of the site, dev and good backlinks


Technical optimization of your website continues, along with content creation and developing a good link profile.


This also includes any programmatic works (ie: marketing automation scripts and other Acquisition/Growth software) being developed.


You should by now see a noticeable rise in your SERP rankings, Visits and the amount of leads generated.


It probably won’t be anywhere near the kind of results you will receive after a year of continuous SEO. Even so, it should be enough to confirm that you are on the right track with respect to your chosen SEO strategy, and its implementation.


Month 4

This month is about synching social media marketing with SEO Plan


By now you should begin with your social media campaign to complement your SEO efforts if it has not yet begun. Inactive or idle profiles you already have will be reactivated, often sooner than this time.


Your social presence will help your content reach a larger target audience. This should increase direct traffic to your website.


A good synchronized SEO and Social Media strategy also creates a very healthy link profile for your website, and that is good for lead generation.


Along with content creation, there is now some form of high-quality website backlink outreach, media outreach and/or PR to promote your website. By now, your campaign should be able to generate a growing number of leads resulting from your SEO efforts.


Additionally, the programmatic works should hopefully be testing by now, if not sooner, and getting ready to be used fully, if they aren’t already.


Months 5 & 6

The fifth and sixth month are about Content Rate Optimization and reaching bigger targeted audiences


Once have successfully managed to attract up to 5,000 visitors per month or more at this stage of your SEO campaign, it is optimal to add active conversion rate optimization as part of your overall efforts. This helps convert a greater percentage of your current visitors.


By now, creating more unique and original content for your website should be a solid focus. This is done in tandem with creative promotion strategies designed to attract the attention of a wider target audience.


The tasks done during this period vary based on the nature of the business and the niche.


Programmatic works should also be running at this point, if not sooner. Their impact is significant when they are effective, as they help scale certain areas of the business drivers and growth KPIs. 


At around 4 – 6 months you should start noticing visible results of the SEO you are doing. As always, it is important to remember that even when you are getting results, SEO will deliver a greater level of growth for your business over time.


The results at the end of a full year of SEO work will be much greater than after six months.


If your results start to taper off, the work should focus on consolidating your results, dropping the worst-performing tactics and then testing new tactics and areas of growth opportunities.


Why should you get Yasha Harari to help?


Being one of the premier marketing agencies for decades, you can count on Yasha Harari to handle each and every aspect of your digital marketing campaign from the design of your website. This is from creating an SEO, SMM or PPC strategy that works for your business, and then ensuring the success of that campaign. From SEO audits to full-fledged SEO and PPC/SEM Campaigns of a website, you name your requirement and Yasha Harari will do it for you.


We are proud to be one of the most talented SEO teams which include SEO specialists, project managers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, video editors and producers, coders, and an outstanding content writing team.


We have over 80 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. And we’ve worked in the most competitive markets in the US and internationally, such as insurance, finance, e-commerce, regulation, politics, education, art, content creation, entertainment, tech, biotech, medicine, robotics, appliances, utilities, telecom, and the law.


Creative and innovative online marketing strategies are why we are consistently at the top of our game. And it is something that differentiates us from our competition.




Most companies underestimate the amount of money and time they have to invest in order to achieve success with their SEO efforts.


Achieving success in the first three months is considered to be very rare (at least with white hat SEO!), even if the company devotes a substantial amount of its budget towards SEO.


We have seen many companies starting out in the right manner with respect to their SEO campaign. But then they lose steam and get disheartened with the lack of apparent results if for any reason they have the wrong expectations. At Yasha Harari, we firmly believe that you should budget for 6-12 months at the very least.


Paying for 2-3 months of SEO is akin to throwing away your money.


Always remember that SEO is a long term strategy that will deliver for your website. Therefore it should not be judged on the immediacy of the results it provides.


Final thoughts


The great thing about our quotes is because they are completely tailored to achieving your goals, if the price is too high or too low, we can adjust the target and resources need to hit those.


If you need any guidance on your SEO campaign, we’re always here to help.


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