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Welcome to Yasha Harari’s Marketing Insights podcast, on podcast mixed media photo art illustrationOn this page, you can find links and summaries to each podcast episode we air. We also post other related information about the show.

About Yasha Harari’s Marketing Insights Podcast:

Launched on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Yasha Harari’s Marketing Insights Podcast shines a light on the world of marketing.

What this podcast covers:

Covering all channels and media, Yasha Harari brings his experience and knowledge gained from 30+ years of marketing experience, to all who wish to listen. The episode teach valuable lessons and share key insights, helpful in solving problems and succeeding with any marketing opportunity.

Be it B2B, B2C, or B2B2C (yeah, that’s a thing), you’re in good hands with Yasha Harari presenting the topics covered.

Episode List:

Season #, Episode # Title Official Air Date iTunes link
S01, E36 How To Create Great Video Marketing (2018) 6/12/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E35 Mobile First Indexing for Mobile SEO (2018) 6/7/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E34 Top 23 SEO Tactics (2018) – Download The List Here. 5/29/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E33 How Venture Capital (VC) Profiles Startups 5/22/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E32 Reputation Management and Crypto Marketing Tools 5/15/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E31 Scale SEO Proportionately By Need Plus Company Size 5/9/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E30 Think And Grow Successful 5/1/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E29 Strategic Marketing Actions 4/24/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E28 Strategic Marketing Mindsets 4/17/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E27 Crypto Marketing Elements 4/10/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E26 A/B Testing Tools 4/3/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E25 Social Review Management of 2018 3/27/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E24 Social Media Management Tools of 2018 3/13/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E23 Social Trends Impacting 2018 3/6/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E22 Adwords Update Reports Current Needs 2/27/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E21 Auto Bot Marketing Review 2/20/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E20 Content Generation Process 2/13/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E19 Instagram Celebrity Marketing 2/5/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E18 Upviral Leadgen Tool 1/28/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E17 Facebook Growth Hacks 1/21/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E16 Facebook Changes News Feed Post Sources 1/14/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E15 Ecommerce Marketing Brick And Mortar Shops 1/9/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E14 2017 Year Review Plus One 2018 Marketing Prediction 1/2/2018 (iTunes)
S01, E13 Podcast Production Marketing Guide 12/26/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E12 Find and Fix 404s and Soft 404 Errors 12/19/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E11 Influencer Marketing Strategy in 5 Phases 12/12/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E10 Agile Marketing Plus ABM 12/5/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E9 Understanding Marketing 11/28/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E8 Israeli Tech Marketing Star Hillel Fuld 11/21/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E7 Psychographic Mapping your Visitor Experience 11/14/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E6 10 Steps to Plan Content Marketing Campaign 11/7/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E5 10 Steps to Succeed with Amazon Ads 10/31/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E4 Top 10 Ways to Earn Influencer Links 10/24/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E3 Facebook Links Social Media SEO Value 10/17/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E2 Test paid Landing Pages for Organic SEO 10/7/2017 (iTunes)
S01, E1 Page Titles 10/3/2017 (iTunes)

Who the podcast is intended for:

Whether you work in offline media, doing billboard ads, newspaper ads, radio, TV, film, Word Of Mouth (WOM), Social Media, Organic SEO, SEM, Referral, Affiliate, Direct, Email or other marketing channels and media, you’re sure to hear some gems that are right up your alley. Marketing Insights with Yasha Harari exists to inspire you to be more effective in your marketing efforts.

What Subscribers get out of listening to the Podcast:

If you’ve been marketing professionally for ages, this podcast is sure to be a great refresher on some topics you’re surely familiar with. We’ll bring you up-to-date on the things that matter, and give you insights into what’s coming soon. As a listener, you’ll put yourself in the best, most desirable position of being fully in the loop. You’ll know early enough how to take full advantage of new breakthroughs and important updates.

Where the podcast is also available:

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About Yasha Harari

Yasha Harari is a professional marketer whose multi-decade career began at a relatively young age, and continues to practice marketing to this day. Yasha has delivered marketing success to clients across the Fortune 500, as well as for countless startups and SMBs in America and around the world. His expertise has been recognized by some of the leading names in marketing, business, as well as government, non-profits, not-for-profits and NGOs. His bleeding edge marketing mastery is authoritative, as well as innovative.

Yasha is a speaker at major trade, commerce and marketing conferences and appears in major print media (The New York Times, Washington Business Insider, Ha’Aretz, The Times of Israel, etc.) on radio (NPR, KQED, etc.), TV & Webcasts (CBS 60 Minutes, C-SPAN, MSNBC, etc.), podcasts and other internet shows (c|net, Fiverrcast, etc.) and has presented before the US Senate, and other government branches and offices.

About is the best new marketing agency founded by Yasha Harari. The agency is data driven and focuses on its core values and mission, which includes: people, time management, resource management, smart questions, creativity, knowing the data and perseverance, all wrapped up in an Agile Marketing methodology and implementation process. The agency leverages KPI optimizations and business drivers to reach record-high levels of growth, acquisition and retention. In doing so, helps companies achieve and crush their marketing goals.


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