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How to Invite & Book Yasha Harari for a Speaking Spot


If you have previously invited me to speak at a conference and have all the necessaries prepared, skip this part and go straight to the speaker invitation form below.

If you have never invited me to speak at a conference and want to, here is what you should do:

1. Read the requirements
Each conference has different requirements for speakers. Before you decide to invite me as a speaker, you need to know what I want. Make sure you read, understand, and follow all the directions for inviting me to speak. If you have a strong conference or event brand, what I need won’t be a big deal to you, but if your event is new or relatively unknown, it can make the difference between me speaking at your event or not.

2. Pick a niche
It doesn’t matter if you need a jack of all trades or not, you need to pick a single topic that you want to invite me to speak.

3. Read my biography
When you invite me for a speaking spot, you should first read my bio to make sure I’m a good fit for your event, so that no time is wasted and it’s a mutually beneficial engagement between you, me and your event’s audience. If you already read my bio and I’m not a good fit, do not invite me for that niche topic speaking slot. Instead, find or create a new speaking slot that relates to the session you are planning to speak at and craft it to match the topic you want me to speak about. If you can’t create a sexy panel topic, ask a copywriter to make it sound attractive.

4. Create your invitation
Make sure you outline what you are going to invite me to talk about and why you think I would be a good fit for the session. Three things to note here:
■ Other people are probably pitching to present at the same session, so you’ll have to invite me to speak about something unique if you want me to speak.
■ We receive and read hundreds of invitations to speak annually, so do yourself (and us) another favor: Keep it short and to the point.
■ The most important part about inviting me is the fact that it isn’t about you. It is about the audience and how you can help them by having me speak.

5. Double-check everything
This means more than you should simply proofread your invitation. Get a second opinion. Ask other folks what they think and seek good advice from the best and brightest people you know in the speakers’ world, to see if there is anything you can do to make your invitation attractive enough.

6. Submit your invitation
The last step you must do is to submit your invitation, using the form below. If your invitation meets the requirements, you’ll hear back from someone, saying that Yasha Harari will be available to speak at your event, but if you don’t hear anything back, don’t pester the YashaHarari.com’s staff. Just move on, and try to get another speaker for your event.

Speaker Invitation Form

    Before Yasha can accept your invitation to speak, it's important for us to know some things about your event:

    Are You Contributing Any Proceeds to a Charity or other Good Cause?

    What's Your Current Amount Budgeted for your good cause / charitable donation? ($$$ amount)

    Are You Able to Pay a Speaker's Fee, Honorarium, gratuity or other form of compensation?

    What's Your Current Amount Budgeted for this speaking spot? ($$$ amount)

    Do you cover airfaire?

    Do you cover hotel, food & local transportation (taxis, boats, etc)?

    Thanks and good luck! If it works out, we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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