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Do You Need More Traffic?

Yes, we know, obviously you do… If you run a business or manage any aspect of marketing, you always need more traffic. If you’re the right fit, you can get marketing consulting services from me that deliver great results.

So really what you want to know is — how do I get more traffic?

There are countless different marketing strategies and tactics. So how do you know which to try with your business? What methods do you prioritize with your time, energy and other resources?

Consider SEO for example. Google currently uses over millions of calculations per search, spanning more than 200+ factors in their algorithm. Their search rankings include engagement metrics and authority scores including social signals, user-interaction, and trust. So which ones should you focus on first, second, third, and so on?

The fact of the matter is that YOU WILL NOT be optimized for all 200 major factors at the beginning.

I don’t even try to focus on all of the factors. Do you know why? Because it’s practically impossible. And if you did manage to do it, there is a pretty strong change you would actually get a warning, if not an actual penalty, for over-optimization. And even if you somehow managed to get by without a scratch, by the time you would get to all of them, at least one of those factors would have been updated, changed, or even removed, while one or more new ones would have been added to the list.

And even though I self-restrict my optimization choices and move through the list in well-planned stages, I still manage to get amazing results like no one else because I have spent decades learning, practicing, and mastering a treasure trove of marketing methods that move the needle and make an impact.

Just have a look at the screenshot below …

marketing impact on business drivers and primary KPis by yasha harari

This shows the results achieved for a leading online marketplace, using Yasha’s Marketing Method.

To be sure, when I started, the company had some great thing going for it, namely the brand was well entrenched among a certain, small, influential segment of the relevant population.

Now fast forward just one year and here is the growth in Revenues I was able to produce…

YES – That’s right, I increased Revenues by 400% over one year without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Now skip ahead one more year and here is the Revenue growth I was able to produce…

YES – That’s right, I increased Revenues by 888% over two years without spending a single dollar on advertising.

If you think that’s impressive, you should see my Google search rankings. Not only do I rank #1 for many “online marketing” key phrases (especially some very nice long tails that are among the most competitive search terms, I also rank #2 – #10 on many related and longer tail keywords.

In fact, many keywords I targeted years ago, which I have not even touched in several years, still dominate the SERPs they are on, including the traditional text SERPs, as well as the Image Search Results Pages and the Video Search Results Pages.

Extremely few people can say that. And you know what’s even more difficult than ranking for “online marketing” related keywords in countries that speak English?

Ranking for top marketing terms in languages like German in Germany or Spanish in Argentina, where you don’t even speak the language.

Who would refuse more traffic like that?

And if that seems awesome to you, then you might be blown away by how I implemented one unconventional tactic that grew my search Visits by 205%, First Time Buyers (FTBs) by 45%  and Revenues by 100% in just 3 months for a major ecommerce SaaS that was already raking in many Millions in Revenue every month.

They’re the kind of company that would never allow me to post my traffic before, during or after I started using the tactic…

Though what I can say is that 3 months after I stopped leveraging that tactic for that client…

… my efforts continued to grow traffic using one outrageously effective tactic, and the results remained excellent, driving super traffic even long after I stopped using it altogether.

As you can see from the details above, I am a top professional marketer.  I do online marketing better than anyone —  quickly growing targeted traffic and growing business.

Is your industry highly competitive?  That’s great! We have performed at the top of our charts, in the most competitive industries. My method thrives in active, even super competitive markets. That’s because of our ability to find and focus on the unique advantage of the products and services we market.  We have done the same for thousands of companies. Tons of them are on the Fortune 1,000 list.

Obviously, I don’t compete to get clients against billion dollar corporations. Then again, I do compete in the most competitive niche there is… marketing. Consider this: I compete with folks like me.

Everyone wants to know, “How do you do it?” And simply put, the answer is: We win by outperforming them.

This is the main reason I’ve been able to work with, within, and at so many household names and big brands, like the ones below.

GE | Google | eBay | Amazon | facebook | Yahoo | Toyota | AIG | Citibank | Barclay’s Bank | ING Bank | Fiverr | Time Warner | CNN | Viacom | The Walt Disney Co. | 20th Century Fox, National Geographic Society / NatGeoTV | Home Shopping Network | Philips | Sony | USAData | Thomson Reuters | AirBnB | Microsoft | Hallmark … and the list goes on … and on … and on …

If you think my own sites’ results are impressive, the performance improvements I deliver for these large companies is even more stunning.

And as I said, these huge corporations don’t let their marketers publish their stats openly. The most we can provide are supporting testimonials like these, from C-level executives and top managers at “smaller” companies (ie: firms with 7 – 9 digits in Revenues)

Yasha is as good as it gets
Kashem Miah, Global Digital, Community & Content Marketing Leader @ Shutterstock

Yasha “is always ahead of the curve, sees the bigger picture and provides proven results in all marketing activities that he takes part in, across all media channels.”
Tsahi Tal, CMO @ Tacticsoft

“Yasha (and those he managed) was able to put all his abilities into play and shatter all records and goals set by [fiverr]’s CRO and board.”
Yannick Edmond, Online Marketing Manager @ G.B.G. Group, Ltd

Yasha “has proven his expertise through the successful projects implemented and successful results.”
Natalie Abhenheim, Digital Media, Content and Community Development Expert

They don’t mind me showcasing their endorsement of my marketing method and its results at various companies where we worked.  And in reality they are nothing compared to the impact I made for plenty of the larger brands.

illustration of the secret sauce of Yasha Harari's Online Marketing Services

The BIG THING I’ve mastered is how to generate highly targeted leads in any industry or niche category, and drive more qualified traffic to just about any business with an online presence.

I’ve gotten so good at helping companies get results that there are now thousands of people and companies that compete to work with me every MONTH.

Companies do crazy things just to get access to me and pick my brain…

Like when a direct marketing and credit card company sought to house me (rent-free) in Beverly Hills and purchase $250,000 worth of my services so I could be available to them for 3 months, and specifically exclude any of their competitors for that period of time.

So it’s not a matter of if I can grow your traffic.  It’s a question of do I or do I not want to work with you?

As I mentioned above, I get thousands of leads a month for consulting.

The thing is, I’m not a salesperson, though I’ve done plenty of sales work. I like sales far less than most other jobs. I’m a inventor… a creative, high-level, big picture guy… with a Zen-like mastery of Strategy & Tactics … I’m a marketer. And that’s why I have unpublished most of my consulting lead forms.

I prefer focusing my work on what I am great at, and only that, which is: driving valuable traffic to websites.

So, if you want to work with me and make your business grow similarly to the examples above, please read on (don’t worry, you’re near the end of the page)…

Step 1
Do This Now

Start by Filling the Form (located under the explanation of Step 2, below).

There, you will see a short list of important questions about your business.

It’s not a huge, annoying list. I just need to know the basics, like what you work on, what your company sells, etc. That way we can better understand your situation before we talk and get down to business.

Answer these questions as accurately as possible, and be sure your contact information is correct, in order for us to be able to get back to you.

Step 2
Here’s What Will Happen Next

After you fill out the questionnaire, someone from my office will call you to speak with you about your business and get some more details. That’ll help us more accurately strategize how to grow your website’s business and plan the tactical, actionable items.

Clearly it matters that you answer the questionnaire thoroughly because if not, then our analysis of your business will not be entirely correct. And that would keep us from knowing how much more traffic and sales we can bring to your website.

You will hear from us within 24 business hours, after you submit your answers to our questionnaire.

Your initial call with us will last around 30 to 45 minutes. This is when we start digging much deeper, working to understand precisely what you need, and how we will best make it happen.

Then, if you see value in working together, terrific. We will talk and figure out if I’m able to take you on as a client.

If you prefer not to move forward, that’s okay too.

At the very least, you will have benefitted from some free advice by my team and I. That alone can help you generate a massive increase in traffic and sales.

Keep in mind: We make available these marketing consulting services for professional people who take action and know how to jump on a great business opportunity when it’s ripe for the picking.

If that sounds like you, then go right ahead and reserve your consulting session to lift your business up to the next level.

To submit your application: Please complete the form below.
We will get in touch with you ASAP to schedule a time to chat.

    Before we can work with you, it's important for us to know a few things:

    Are You Able to Generate Leads and Traffic?

    What's Your Current Monthly Marketing Budget? ($$$ amount)

    What are your growth goals for the next year?

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