Page Titles – Podcast s.01 e.01:

Hi and thank you for being here, at the very first public podcast we have published for SEOs and online marketers. We’re so thrilled with how the launch went, and we’re ecstatic that you’re here to join in and enjoy all that we’re here to give you: Expert and Cutting-Edge insights into the world of marketing, that you simply won’t get elsewhere. And we do our best to keep it short, sweet and to the point, so that you gain from us as quickly as possible.

In this first public episode of Marketing Insights by Yasha Harari of, we cover the subject of podcast itunes cover artPage Titles and look at how important they are to your OnSite SEO work.

In fact, page titles are the single most important thing you can edit to make an impact on your rankings and SEO performance within a relatively short period of time.

Yasha goes over some facts that may surprise even a veteran SEO, and are sure to help a newcomer to the field.

We hope you find this episode useful and share it with anyone you know who might benefit from it.

Thanks for listening, and Be sure to tune in next time, to the next episode of Marketing Insights by Yasha Harari.

Podcast details:

Season: 01
Episode: 01
Title: Page Titles
By: Yasha Harari
Date: September 24, 2017
iTunes location: in iTunes Store Podcasts
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